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What If?

I've been tagged by my good friend Hissychick to do this meme, called What If?

5 “If”s that would have made your life somewhat different today.

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. List 5 things that could make your life very different should it come true.
3. Tag 5 other people.

If I'd actually studied up on Aeronautical Engineering, I might today be in the Air Force.

Back in Year 11, I was investigating what I wanted to do with my life after school.  One interest I had was the Air Force and aeroplanes.  So I applied for the Defense Force Academy, which is a University for the Armed Forces, specifically a degree in Aeronautical Engineering with the Air Force.  The attraction was entry as an officer in the Air Force, a University degree and an automatic job at the end of it.  My school marks was good enough to get me into the round of interviews, which were held in Sydney and before hand I had done some looking into it, but nothing in depth.  I didn't think there was any required knowledge on the subject. 

However, when I arrived for the interview, the officer conducting an interview tore me a new one with questions I had no idea how to answer.  At the conclusion, he showed me the door saying that someone interested in such a career path would have at least some sort of knowledge about aeroplanes in the first place.  I was pretty devastated to say the least.  I've had a negative attitude towards the armed forces ever since.

If I didn't choose Information Technology, I'd be a School Teacher.

"Good Morning, Mr Dunstall" would be what I could have been hearing every morning, had I chosen the 'other' option on my University acceptance form.  When I submitted my University acceptance form with my HSC, I placed three Information Technology degrees, and three General Primary teaching degrees.  When it came back, I was eligible for 4 of them (two of each).  I spent a while thinking about it, and in the end, I chose Information Technology.  

I've often dabbled at the idea of going back to Uni to do General Primary teaching, but just have never done it due to work, not being able to spend time at Uni again due to work etc. Maybe one day, I might still do it.

If only I wasn't trying to catch my brother out, he wouldn't have injured himself.

I mentioned this in the last meme I did, where I was calling the game of "Captain's Coming", where my brother slid and injured his leg.  To be truthful, I was trying to catch him out, being his brother and all, by calling two calls in quick succession so that he would be last to to the final location so that he would be out.  Unfortunately the second call caused him to slip and slide into the table.  If I hadn't, maybe he would have gone to state and stayed in Athletics and been a very different person today (although I doubt it).

If I had have stayed in my new house after it was completed, it might not have been broken into.

Not long after Sal and I were married, we built our first house together.  Well, we didn't do the building, we had a builder do it, as you do.  The very day the keys were handed to us (and we were intending on moving in two days later), that night, the house was broken into.  The thieves literally ripped the stove off the wall (a $3000 Smeg stove and oven, with rangehood) and ripped the hot water system out.  They also took the dishwasher, which was still in its box, which was to be installed the next day.

I discovered the break in the next morning when I went to the house to let the carpet layers in.  I had never experienced such a feeling in the pit my stomach when I noticed the break in, it was horrible.  I'll admit that it actually brought me to tears, such was the feeling to see the back door kicked in and the visible evidence of the items torn from their connections.  

The day before, after getting the keys, Sal and I discussed the suggestion that we stay in the house, but decided not to because we had insurance organised and that we liked the sound of a nice warm bed at her parents house.  If we had stayed there, we might have prevented the break in, but equally, we could have been injured if they had decided to persist with the break in despite us being there.

If I had not quit World of Warcraft in 2006, I might not be married today.

I'm sure you've all heard it before, the addiction that is World of Warcraft and how evil it is on people's lives.  The new Ever-crack, destroying relationships and people's livelihoods.  Blizzard designed the game well, it's story lines and incentives required a long time to complete.  The result meaning that people spent countless hours playing it.  The 'end-game' dungeons that required 40 people and an entire week of 3 hour-a-night playing to clear, the Player vs Player rewards that required constant games to get to the top level destroyed so many things people had.

I was one of the many people who got sucked into the juggernaut, joining a raiding guild when I had a character eligible to 'raid' the end-game dungeons, and I ended up spending hours every night playing, raiding and playing other characters when we weren't raiding.

Like the stories we've all heard, it started affecting me, my demeanor and my attitude to others around me.  I would be grumpy when I was away from home, wanting to go back to it because it interested me more.  Worst of all, it started to affect my relationship with my wife, Sally.  At one point, Sally started questioning the whole marriage and we were very close to a break up.

When it got to this, very desperate point, I woke up and realised what was going on, mind you, it took an argument (and we had many during the recent times leading up to this point) to do it and I quit the game.  Had I chosen to ignore all the warning signs, Sal could very well have walked out (and I believe she nearly did).

I still play WoW, going back to it after about six months, when I was living on my own for about three months, due to work, then quitting again when we moved back to Bathurst.  I went back to it again late last year during Sal's pregnancy because she was going to bed really early and I was bored, but I have haven't gone back to raiding.  I'm still aware of how much I play and always place other things over sitting at the computer.  I also think that once the second expansion is released in November, I will give the game away for good, I'm playing it less and less now and have no real desire to get into the new items.

When I am playing these days, I come across high school kids that are playing it every spare second they get.  I try to tell them that they should devote time to their studies first then play WoW, but they're response is something along the lines of 'WoW > Life' and I just shake my head and feel sorry for them, as they will surely regret it.

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