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Art thou anal retentive?
In the last couple of weeks, Sal and I have had a couple of major arguments centred around the same problem.  They have been different situations and different circumstances, but each one has been caused, essentially, by the same thing.

Lately, I have been becoming more and more particular about my life, what I do and the way I like to have things set.  For instance, Sal likes to have the TV on in the morning before work (he choice of program is Sunrise).  However, I have become increasingly bothered by the sheer fact that it's on.  I find myself distracted, watching it, when I should be doing something to get myself or Caitlin ready to leave.  When I realise I've been distracted, I have this massive sense of annoyance, bordering on anger, that I've let myself be distracted.

There have been other things, and when I think about it, they are pretty pedantic issues that most people really wouldn't care about, but they bother me.  They really bother me.  It's got to the point that Sal has started claiming that I'm becoming hard to live with.  That in itself is worrying.

Since the arguments, and my subsequent realisation, I'm attempting to live a bit easier, but I'm finding it hard and I'm not sure why.  Sal has calmed down a bit since I'm making an effort, but at times, it pops up again.  There's other frustrations in our relationship too, but they are unrelated and difficult to deal with.  This at least, I know what I need to do, it's just hard work - although I wish I knew why.

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People get more intolerant as they get older.

It bugs you, it will always bug you, because - it bugs you. This is why long-term relationships are all about negotiation and compromise.

"People get more intolerant as they get older."

I considered that... Seeing I'm six months from turning 30, it's probably a factor.

It can also be a sign that something else is stessing you right now, something that you don't have lot of control over so you focus on something concrete to realease your frustrations. If that makes sense.

The looming big 3-0, a new baby on the way........

Take care

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