Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Brain Fart Imminent!

Pretty much over the virus now, which is good.  Played in the Minor Semi final for Soccer against Macquarie yesterday. 

So many mixed emotions about this game.  Because it was Father's Day, I didn't really want to go, as we were having a great BBQ at my parents place.  I would have enjoyed relaxing doing nothing.  Once I had dragged myself to soccer, I didn't mind so much.

The game itself was... something else.  CSU had a strong team, which was a rarity, and we scored first.  We took it to the half time break leading 1-0, we were feeling pretty confident.  Second half, cue the brain fart.  Macquarie won a free kick not far out of the 18 yard box and their set piece taker took it.  It started out wide of the goal posts and I came out to cover it.  As it swung in, I could have sworn I was still outside the goal post, and my brain fart made the decision to leave it and let it go out.  WRONG!  As I let it go over me (it bounced) I heard a 'ding' and looked up, it hit the post and bounced into the goal.  I could have died.

Luckily, we scored straight away and went up 2-1, which made me feel a bit better.  Not long after, I was substituted off for someone with faster reflexes, but probably because of the brain fart.  Macquarie won a dubious penalty with 20 mins to go, where a Macquarie player was pushed in an attack and was deemed inside the 18yard box.  We doubted this and let the ref know about it.  They scored from this, making it 2-2.  We then scored again with about 10mins to go to make it 3-2.

Then all hell breaks loose...  The ref awards a penalty with less than 60 seconds to go for a handball in the box.  Our defender didn't event touch the ball with their hands but with his head.  The ref was close enough to tell properly too.  Macquarie score to tie the game up and send it to extra time, which they score their only goal from actual free play, CSU losing 3-4.  Bah!
Tags: soccer

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