Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Another milestone... Teeth!

We're finally starting to see Caitlin's first tooth!  Her first tooth is starting to come through the gum and is quite visible now, it's actually quite exciting. :)  She also learnt to clap last night, although she hasn't done it since, it was fun to watch and play with her.

I got hit by another stomach bug the other day, so I ended up coming home at lunch time on Tuesday and going to bed.  I didn't wake up till Sal knocked on the door at 5.30pm!  I was still crook yesterday, so took another day off.  I'm much better today thankfully.

Ironically, now Sal and Caitlin have a cold.  Caitlin's could just be symptoms of teething which usually pass in 24 hours, we'll have to wait and see.
Tags: caitlin, me, sick

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