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Recovery is tough, but it is improving all the same...
As the title denotes, I am recovering from acute computer fixation, or commonly known as "Being addicted to one's computer". I am trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on my computer at home. Why? Read my previous post.

Anyway. after 2 weeks of my PC being in the cupboard I have got it out again, however, I have made the decision for it to be a work computer only. It still has my games on it, but only in the capactity of "Stress relief". It will stay home on Bucalan days, and I'll just run the event without having the distraction of my computer there.

I do feel that I am on the mend, as a few times last night I felt the need to go and get on my pc, but I stopped myself knowing that I'll just be there way after midnight. So I didn't turn it on. I was quite proud of myself.

We had dinner at the in-laws last night which was great. It's good to have a meal with family once in a while. It was a roast too, so it was great food! :) Yummy!

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from steph...

What do you mean no photos were taken on the weekend!!! I took a whole film!!!!

That's right, I forgot all about it! Sorry about that... You better get them developed and show me! ;)

Well there you go, you do have photos! Woohoo!
I also have to be careful about sitting in front of the computer too long. It's just too easy! Good luck with it.

tell me about it... It was getting to the state where I was only using my computer every day of the week... You can probably imaging how my wife felt! :| It's getting better! :)

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