Chris (bovinator) wrote,

Olympic Fever

I've been watching the Olympics every night and it's been a bit of a blessing and a curse.  While the blessing is for Sal, in that I've not been playing WoW as much, the curse is that the coverage goes until 2am every night.  When you have to get up at 6.30am, going to bed this late is really, really bad.

I've found myself watching the SBS coverage more than the Seven coverage too.  The reason for this is because a) Seven keep showing ads (well heaps more than SBS do) and b) SBS have the more interesting sports (to me) like Volleyball (normal and beach) and Football (not just the Australian games).

My outdoor soccer has progressed to being the full time first grade goalkeeper now.  The last two weeks I've played both grades and it takes most of my Sunday away from being able to do anything really constructive.  I've cut back to one game, which the captain/coach has told me it will be first grade.  The stupid thing is that we started the season with five keepers, not including me, but have somehow been left with just me just before the finals.  I'm not sure my keeping has improved either... I had a shocker on the weekend, but I'll put it down to the sub-zero temperature (and SNOW!) I had to play in both games.

Our third grade team was looking like making the finals a couple of weeks ago, but a loss last week and Collegians this week (automatic loss, e.g. they are that good) means that we'll probably drop down out of contention with not many games left to go.  First grade will be in the finals, considering there are only four teams in the grade.

I'm still undecided if I'll play next season, my attempts at losing weight aren't really happening and it would probably be a key factor in my decision.
Tags: me, soccer, sport

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