Chris (bovinator) wrote,

House training Dad: Episode 1

I spent today home from work looking after Caitlin. It was decided this morning that Sal would go to work, despite feeling exhausted and a little ill (mainly from being exhausted) and that I would stay home. Sal thought she'd go bonkers if she had another day at home. For about 4 days now, Caitlin's had a cold, with a really runny nose and a subsequent cough. If she's still showing the same symptoms tomorrow morning, it's off to the Doctors.

Sal asked me when she got home from work how I liked being a 'stay at home Dad'. I told her that I could very well get used to it. I had actually thought that earlier today which was funny (to me at least). I did a heap of washing, cleaned the bathroom and did some general tidying up. I even got some WoW time in while Caitlin was sleeping. I found it a lot more stimulating than staring at my laptop all day like I do at work. I guess it could definitely be an option when the baby is born that Sal returns to work and I stay home looking after Caitlin and Chidler No 2TM.

We spent today watching the Olympics and learning the American National Anthem - they played it four freaking times in the space of 3 hours.  I've also figured out a way to wipe her nose with a tissue without causing tears.  I've found that I need to play a kind of cat and mouse game with her and she seems to get a kick out of it, and before she knows it, I've wiped her nose.  Her vocab is slowly expanding it's list of sounds which is always adorable to hear her chime out new ones. 

She's a clever little thing, she's worked out how her bottles' teats work.  If I hold the bottle in front of her, she'll squeeze the teat to make liquid come out (whether it be water or milk).  She's also learnt that tapping on her back (when I attempt to burp her after feeding or just play around) while she makes a sound, it comes out funny.  Along with when I gently flick her bottom lip, she'll sound out and make funny sounds and laugh at herself.  It's adorable to watch.

Well, I have a mountain of dishes to do and an early morning, so I better ski-daddle.

Tags: caitlin, stay at home dad

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