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Critical Miss!
Playing some Fourth Edition D&D this weekend with some mates.  I like, overall, what they've done with this latest edition.  However, D&D infuriates me in that I cannot roll very well.  I know it's a one-in-twenty chance, but I consistency roll sub-10 d20 rolls making the experience less than enjoyable.

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i like the D&D 4th ed.

At level 1, In a single encounter with 4 people, I healed well over 70hp (sure i used a daily - but hey! you gotta some times).

I also prefer that 20 is just a straight max damage. No more Critical hits for < 10 with a great sword...

Yep, totally agree... a crit actually meaning max damage has been long overdue.

I liked the at-will, encounter and daily breakup of exploits. The terminology is much simpler to understand too...

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