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A bit has happened since last posting...

Sydney Trip

Last weekend, I took Sal down to see Phantom of the Opera in Sydney.  I had a bonus from work last month, so I used it to pay for 2 nights at a 5-star hotel in the Sydney CBD and tickets to see Phantom at the Lyric Theatre at Star City Casino.  It was an expensive weekend, but well worth it.  We went down on Friday afternoon, after dropping Caitlin off at her grandparents house.  We got to Sydney in the middle of peak hour but travelling into the city wasn't too bad.  We had to park at the Rocks and walk up to George St to find the hotel, as we the one way streets made it hard to navigate.

We spent Saturday walking around the CBD, going to some shops and checking out the sites.  The show on Saturday night was absolutely fantastic.  It was the first time I'd seen the Phantom of the Opera - I'd only listened to the CD which consists of only highlights so it doesn't cover the full story - and I really enjoyed it.  The music was great and the performance was brilliant.  Well worth it. 

Sunday morning we checked out, but left the car in the hotel car park as it was paid up to that night.  We wanted to check out Centrepoint tower (now called Sydney Tower) as I had not been up before.  I posted my previous LJ post from the queue waiting to go up with my mobile phone.  In the end it took an hour to get to the lifts, but the trip back down was pretty quick (only about 15mins).  The view was pretty good, took some photos, I'll put them online at some stage.  After this, we went back to the car and then headed out of the City to my brother Andrew's place for lunch.  They live in a neat little place in Gladesville.  It was good to catch up as we don't see him and Ell very often.


Saturday was probably one of the best LANs I've run in recent times.  It set two records for this LAN, 65 registrations for the event - the most we've ever had - and 63 people attending.  We had some drama running into The LAN, with some power issues and whether we'd be able to sufficiently power the event and the day before I was contacted about there being no tables being available.  The table problem was resolved by some good thinking by the CSU Support Officers who used some CSU Club funds to hire some tables from a local party hire company.  Very thankful for that.  The day ran well which was a great relief and I hope all who attended had fun.

Bathurst 7s Tournament

Yesterday was the Bathurst 7-a-side Soccer Tournament.  CSU entered a team, which they asked me to be goalkeeper for them.  We did pretty well, finishing equal 3rd after being knocked out in the semi final by Collegians on corners.  The final score was 1-1, but the tournament rules specified that deciding a draw as based on the number of corners by the team, then if that was a tie, it came down to the first corner.  Collegians had the only corner so they won through to the final, which turned out to be against their other site they entered.  The corner came from a save by me, but had I not saved it, the ball would have certainly gone into the goal, so we were doomed either way.  We made it into the finals after defeating two teams in our pool; Bathurst City United 4-2 and Churches United B 2-1.  Our third pool game was against the Collegians team we played in the semi final and lost that 1-0.  We played 1st place from another pool (there was 4 pools) in the quarter final, and won that 1-0.  It was a pretty good day in the end.
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