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Network troubles...

Whilst the Wagga campus decides to play silly-buggers with the switches between me and the development server, I am forced to find other avenues to pass the time today.

Well, maybe not... the network just came back. However, for how long I am not sure.

Work on the Utopia site is coming along, I'm currently working on the content management system. I don't really have the time to write my own, so I am trying a few from the Hotscripts site. If they don't satisfy what I am trying to do, then I guess I'll just have to write my own. It wouldn't be difficult, I am just trying to save myself some time.

The working bee at my house went really well. We got a fair bit done, however, not quite finishing the paving but we got some other stuff done. The paving is probably 85% complete, with a small section left to do that Dad and I will probably be able to finish tonight. After the working bee, we only had about 60% done, but Dad and I worked yesterday afternoon after work to get some more done. Our goal is to finish it tonight, if not tomorrow night, as I am holding a BBQ for my Indoor Cricket team on Thursday.
Sally also got a really great garden done at the back of the house. It looks really good. The house is really starting to look good now. Once the paving is finished, we can start working on some gardens around it, then probably our next big project is constructing a proper driveway. I'll have to organise some photos, none were really taken on the weekend, which is a bit of a shame.

Something that has been sitting in my mind for a couple of months now is whether or not I should continue organising Bucalan. I am trying to figure out why for the last month or so and I think I can put it down to a couple of things. Firstly, I am starting to lose interest in computer games. This is kind of hard for me to explain, so bear with me for a bit. Multiplayer games tend to revolve around one or two aspects. These usually are first-peson shooters and... well, first-person shooters. I think I have reached a stage in my life where I think "meh... it's the same old game over and over again". It's just getting boring. Another thing is that I am a Husband. I have a commitment and a responsibilty to my wife and family. You might think "So what? You can still play games and have a good time!". Sure, maybe so, but only to the detriment of one's relationship to one's wedded partner. To me, a change has occurred in my life. Assisted by various other formats of persuasion ;) I have felt a change in my life, like a maturing almost. I have realised that I can't be who I was 3 years ago, when I started Bucalan with Andrew (my brother-in-law).
Back then I was a single uni student, with not much else keeping me in tow. Over the years, one could say that I have developed a sort of addiction to games. I started neglecting my other responsibilities to my family and friends and chose just to play games all the time. I would spend the entire time I got home from work to the time I went to bed (around 5.30pm to midnight) on my computer, ignoring everything else around me. You can probably imagine what my wife would have thought of this. After 18 months (give or take a month or 2) of our marriage, she was pretty fed up. I have woken up to the fact that this has got to stop. I am not single any more, I have to be aware of the people around me, I have to live up to my responsibilities.

I hear you asking "but how does that stop you from organising Bucalan". I guess it doesn't. And the fact that I have been writing this has enabled me to think about the topic more in depth that I ever had before. I will probably continue to help organise Bucalan, I probably just won't take my PC. I am no longer the bachelor that I once was. Am I sad that I have decided to give up the "single life" and playing games and all that? No, because I have realised that my life is moving on, and it's time for me to "grow up" for once and be the Husband, friend and family member that I should have been for the last 18 months.

I hope all that made sense, kind of me just thinking straight to the keyboard. My brain doesn't come with a grammar or spell checker. ;)

I scored myself a pin board for my office today. Now I can pin stuff up. Ok, ok, it's not exactly earth shattering news, but it's something new in my bland office, and it means I can pin heaps of stuff on it, and make me look important! :P Not that I'm not.

Oh, and I'll finish off with Chris' Handy-man tip of the day; Don't drop a paving brick on your finger. It hurts!

And with that, I'll sign off... for now. ;)

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