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Another long gap between posts... Sorry, I'll endeavour to try better! :)

Caitlin is now seven months old, and is still just as cute as ever.  She's expanded her vocal vocab to include more upper mouth consonants like 'Dadadada'.  Sal thinks she's calling for me, but while it's cute it sounds like it, I doubt she really is yet, just exploring sounds using her tongue against the roof of her mouth.  She also says 'Babababa' so we play the who are you game.

Still no crawling yet, but I'm hoping she works it out in the next month (there are 8 month olds crawling at kindy).

Last Sunday I played my first game of soccer in three weeks, and ended up playing both third grade and first grade.  Due to the uni holidays starting on the Friday before, we only had enough players to make one team between the two grades.  I played my usual wing in third grade and didn't do too badly.  I played roughly 75% of the game, so I was pretty happy with that.  We ended up winning a high scoring affair against the Bathurst 75 Seniors 5-4.

First grade was interesting, they asked me to play keeper.  Considering I'd not played keeper since juniors, I was a tad nervous.  Add on top of that the fact that we were playing Collegians, who were first in the league and were expected to give us a romping.  However, the twist to the story was that Collegians turned up with the bare minimum 11, which was a shock, but lucky too, as we only had 11 as well. 

True to their nature, Collegians attacked hard and I made a couple of good saves, one on the right post which I managed to get a hand to at head height, losing sight of it for a second but being able to re-gather it in front of me.  Another I tipped over the cross bar.  As the half wore on, I gained more confidence.  We were given a penalty in the first half, which we scored and then scored a second not long before half time.  Being 2-0 up against Collegians was a fantastic start.

The second half saw Collegians come out attacking really hard, looking to get back into the game.  It was here that I made a save that I'm told changed the rest of the game in our favour.  Their main striker tried to put the ball past me to the far post (from the (my) right of the goal), which was going in, but I managed to get down and get a hand to it to just push it wide past the post for a corner. 
As it went out, I could hear all the Collegians players just gasp in disbelief.  A mate of mine said to me "I don't think you were supposed to save that" meaning that it wasn't expected that I was able to get to it and save it. 

This gave us the spur we needed, and let Collegians down a bit.  We ended up getting a third goal late in the second half due to some sloppy Collegians defending, making the final score 3-0.  The referee even gave me 3 pts for best and fairest (Ref gives 3, 2 and 1 pt to players).

I've now been asked to keep for CSU's 7-a-side team in the 7s Tournament in July.  I think I might be keeping a few more times this season!
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