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What? Again?!
We found out last weekend that Sally is pregnant again. :)  She's 7 weeks pregnant on Monday, so we're all pretty happy again.  We didn't exactly plan this one, but it's welcome all the same. 

It's quite ironic that we would fall pregnant a second time so quickly and easily after taking so long to get Caitlin.  I had a feeling that the first child might just kick everything into motion (as did a few people).

The due date will be Feb 9 2009, which will put him/her 14.5 months younger than Caitlin.  Funny thing is, Sally is a bridesmaid for her best friend on Feb 14! Teehee.

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Whoa! Tricky!!

10 points for the on-topic icon!

I thought you'd like it! :)

Congratulations again Chris boy :)

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