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To be a father

I haven't posted in a while, sometimes I just don't have cool stuff to write about all the time.  With Caitlin, I thought I'd have something to post about every day, but there hasn't really been much new.  She can hold herself up on her front with her arms very well now, which is pretty cool to watch.  She still hasn't figured out that crawling is as simple as the front part and the back part done at the same time, but I'm sure that will come in good time.

Her vocal patterns are expanding, nowhere near words, mind you, but still more in her range than just the simple single tones she used to make.  Last night she had her finger and her dummy in her mouth while talking to her cuddly sock-cat (which I call bunny rabbit for some reason).

There was a show on TV last night that Sally was watching, called 'Half-Ton Dad' or something similar.  It was about 'super morbidly obese' people and help they were getting.  Apart from the fact that it's sad in today's society that they needed another term after morbidly obese, they showed American eating habits by showing a family that ate a lot of junk food.  The mother of this family was feeding a four month old baby McDonalds, specifically a 'Quarter Pounder'.  This made me sick to the stomach, that someone could do something like that to a baby.  I could not believe it.  No wonder there's a weight epidemic.

Ever since Caitlin arrived, anything that involves the mistreatment or the harm of a child hits a real sore nerve with me.  I'd always thought it pretty sad when anything bad happens to a child, but I feel it a lot more now, sometimes to the point of tears, especially when I see really bad things.  I guess that's normal, but I can't say I expected it.

I'm getting over another cold at the moment.  I can't seem to shake them lately.  I used to be pretty robust, shaking off most illnesses that came through the house.  Now, anything that Caitlin brings home (from Kindy) I end up with! :/
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