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The Aussie Jeremy Clarkson
Well, not exactly.  I don't think it's possible to ever have anyone like Jeremy, he's just too unique, which - while hilarious - is a good thing.

When I heard about the Australian version of Top Gear, I was largely skeptical about if it would be any good.  The original UK Top Gear has set such a high standard for car shows (although there's more assing around in most episodes than is actual reviewing the cars which makes for great hysterics) and a clone might fall short of the mark.  I watched the video clip SBS have posted up of the three hosts chosen for the Australian Top Gear franchise and I think I'm pleasantly relieved. 

I know it's probably not much to go off, but from what I saw, it might just work.

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It will never fly.

There is too much PC required in Australia, you simply can't do the things that the guys on Top Gear do here in Australia.

You can't say, because you feel like it, The Ford laser is a piece of shit. Ford will openly attack you both legally and publicly over it. You can say this kind of thing in the UK however.

I'll certainly watch them try once or twice - but I have massive doubts over the whole thing.

I was completely .... unimpressed by that video .... Will agree with NS ... It will be interesting to see this ship sink

You guys are tough critics... I thought it was ok. Maybe I'm just not as cynical as you guys :P

you spelt "Awesome" wrong :P

But really, when you boil down top gear to its roots - its 3 12-16 year old kids having a laugh and driving fast exotic cars.

I just don't see it being reproduced here or America.

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