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I have a dream!
I've decided to construct a little website dedicated to Utopian "stuff". Anything to do with Utopia, I guess. Strategies, help guides, anything of the like. Why? Well, after doing a brief search, anything that did come up was either 2-3 years old, or was under the banner of Utopia Temple. What's wrong with Utopia Temple? Nothing, I say. However, they only have a section for race strategies. There aren't really any guides for new players or anything like that. I hope to fix that. :) Andrew might be interested in helping out too, as he is going for King next age in his Kingdom, and hoping to set up something where they teach new players how to play properly. Only I have hit a little snag... I can't do designs for shit any more. I'm left to gain ideas from other sites, and all those free template sites are really good enough, unless someone will offer to design a site for me... :)

Oh well...

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Hiya! I'm a fellow Mandycam watcher and thought I'd check out your LJ.

Cool! I'll have to check out yours now! :)

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