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So Close, So Very Close!
Silent Bob
After another vomiting spree and it's ensueing bath, Caitlin has shown us how close she is to crawling.

She's discovered she can prop herself up with her arms so she can look ahead of her and above her more easily. She can also bring her knees up under her, but has not worked out how to do it at the same time. I did make a video of it with my phone, which is pretty decent quality, but considering this was during her 'nappy free' time, I'm hesitant to upload it to youtube like have done with others (btw, if you're keen to see the others again, my Channel page is here).

She looks so close to figuring out how to crawl, she just needs to put it all together. Hopefully, when she does, I'll be there with camera in hand, waiting. :)

Edit: Here's a screenshot that hopefully doesn't show any rude bits :P

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How gorgeous is your little girl. It won't be long before she is on the move. It only seems like yesterday that our littlest'un was starting to crawl and now she is on the verge of walking. Yikes.


PS The youtube video of Caitlin laughing cracked me up because it reminded me of your laugh....

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