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Fight fire with... water?

I woke up this morning to find that our neighbour had thought of a very clever plan to deter the kids from our front lawns. My friend Hissychick had commented on my previous post and wasn't far off the mark.

Our neighbour had parked his car and his kids cars (a total of three it seems) all in front of his house, to stop the bus stopping in front of his house, as well as setting up his sprinkler right where the kids sat waiting.

I think he's had problems with them in the past, as I've seen him come out and clean up his garden where the kids were sitting after they had caught the bus. Very clever I thought, bravo!

Sal and I have been introduced to a new element of parenting this weekend past; the hospital trip. Caitlin has been vomiting the last few days, and it seems she has a bit of a gastro bug. We took her up to casualty last night after calling them asking for advice and they said bring her in for a checkup. The doctor advised that it's most probably a gastro bug going around and to not make her formula bottles so strong (reduce the amount of formula) and to stop with feeding her Farax for a day or two (we had just started giving her solids with this Farax stuff). She seems to be ok this morning, Sal reports, so hopefully she's on the mend.

It's hard to tell when there's something wrong with Caitlin. She smiles at everything and is just so easy going, you wouldn't know there was something wrong. Her vomit gushes (as I've come to call them - as that's exactly what they are!) come out of nowhere - usually while feeding - and afterwards she's giggling and smiling as though she thought that was really cool and could she do it again! She's hardly grisly, only complains when she sees her bottle but no one's giving it to her, and will lay quietly in her cot at night (if she's awake) unless she's got a dirty nappy. It worries Sal and I to an extent that if something was really wrong, we'd struggle to pick it up until it was possibly too late.
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