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When 0.5 is a big number.

Caitlin turns 6 months old today! At the same time, it feels like it has flown by and that it also feels like so much longer than 6 months. I can't really explain it better than that. She is starting to 'talk' a lot more now, which is very cute. She's discovered she can change the sound of her voice by moving her mouth (like 'YaYaYaYa' etc), so we suspect she's not far from the inevitable 'Mamama' or 'Dadada'.

It is true that these aren't actually considered words by those in the Speech Pathology world, but it's cool, all the same, to her her say it - which, I'm hoping, is very soon.

Another interesting development is her current progress in figuring out how to actually move her self from point A to point B, or a.k.a. crawling. We put her on her stomach from time to time for her to work on her crawling development and it's fun to watch, not in the sense that we're gaining satisfaction out of watching her struggle around on her face, but more that it's really cool to watch her trying to figure it out, learning what happens when she tries something. She's figured out the legs part, mostly. She'll bring her knees up under her and attempt to push off them (she'll also push herself along if you put your hand against her feet as a stop and she pushes against them). Lately, she's been doing of a kind of swimming motion with her legs in the attempt to move along.

You can see in her actions that she has almost figured it out, but the only thing letting her down is that she isn't using her arms. She puts them out to her side like she's trying to fly and is concentrating 100% on using her legs. I try bringing her arms up underneath her and lean her on her elbows, but she just brings them out again. Once she figures out that she needs to support her self with her arms, I believe she'll crack crawling very quickly.

PS. Time to make a new Caitlin icon I think.
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