Chris (bovinator) wrote,

What do you do when the world hates you?

It certainly seems that way. In another twist to the Broadband Sagatm, Cirrus doesn't have any antennae at the moment. They are all on back order with no eta on when they might have stock in. The world clearly doesn't want me to have broadband for some stupid reason. So, a few friends are putting together the possiblity of trying to get me onto the local wireless network and share someones broadband until I have my own.


Caitlin's baptism was on last Sunday and it was a fantastic day. We had a whole troop of family and friends visit for the service and for lunch afterwards. Caitlin had a ball, and so did Sal and I, it was a lot of fun.
Some highlights were the minister continuously exclaiming (yes, that's right 'exclaiming'!) how big Caitlin was; Caitlin sneezing after being baptised, then 'talking' to the congregation about it; and then when the baptismal candle was presented, being attracted by the flame went straight to touch it (we saw this coming so were very careful to keep it out of arms reach).

I uploaded some photos to Flickr. Enjoy.
Tags: caitlin, teh intertubes

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