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poke eyes out
I had created a thread on Whirlpool, seeking some suggestions on what to do about my ADSL troubles (see previous post). Ultimately, my chances lay with a request to Telstra with an NPGDSL request, where you request a new phone connection, solely for the reason of using ADSL. It's the request you make when you find out you have 'pair gains' (when they got cheap in the 50s-70s and gave you half the copper to save money). You get a new line (full copper cable) so that ADSL can be transmitted along it.

Turns out, that my house does NOT have pair gains, so I'm right royally screwed. Damn, do I have good luck! To go and pick the only house in Opperman way not to be able to have ADSL because of it's intricate web-like cable layout from here to the exchange. Yay, go me! I bet it was some Telecom technician back in the 70's going 'Hehe, this is gonna really fuck someone up in 30 years, let's do this!' and laid the cable everywhere but a direct route to my house.


*more sighing*

Time to see if I can get anything done the dodgy way. :P

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Sorry to be a sticky beak (I was randomly looking for schools that I went to and you were in a year above me at Bathurst but I was only there for a 2 years but anyways moving on) I also work tech support for an ISP so I know what you are going through. Being your distance from the exchange, the transmission loss is too high for ADSL1 which means you really should move and scout out your exchange XD

At least its good you don't have a pair gain but then again you could be stuck on a Rim as well which still ADSL1 only. New development areas especially as high for pair gain because its cost cutting, see it all the time with people moving into new areas to find out they are stuck on dial up (and low speed at that 33k good connection speed)

Good luck in finding an alternative and sorry for snooping by.

That's ok, I'll forgive you this time! ;P

Considering we only just moved in, moving again won't be happening for a long time. :)

Getting wireless, but that will take some time still (antennae are on backorder). I'll get there... eventually.

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