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When the dust settles.

This week has been a whirlwind. And, no, I'm not referring to the weather in Burma. Moving house is one of the most stressful things anyone can do, and we're no exception from that rule.

After getting the keys to the new place on Friday morning, we set about getting organised for the move on the Saturday. However, I kept getting interrupted by something and I wasn't able to get my study packed ready. This was to be a major sore point for everyone else involved for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning came around and the first part of the morning was spent packing my study, the garage and then packing the truck. The first truck load didn't get to the new house until lunch time, which was well behind schedule. By 5.30pm, we had 95% of the things that needed to be transported in a truck moved to the new house and Sal (with help from others) had started unpacking stuff in the house.

Sunday we spent getting the last truck load and cleaning the house. I ended up taking Monday off to get the last few items and the last of the cleaning. Sally's parents helped a lot with the cleaning and tidying up for the final inspection which was greatly appreciated.

Wednesday we had the carpets cleaned, then on Thursday morning I had to go out there for the final inspection. I was so stuffed that I fell asleep in the car while the Real Estate rep was going over the house doing the condition report. I was extremely embarressed when she woke me once she'd finished. She was happy with the condition and we would receive our bond back in 7-10 days.

So on top of this, every night has been unpacking boxes and trying to find homes for the stuff we have. A lot of it won't fit in the new house, which is smaller than the old. While unpacking my study stuff over the last few nights, I've filled 6 boxes of stuff I'm not using atm. I need to go through them again once I've cleaned through a bit more and have something that resembles a study.

Stressed yet?

Since Tuesday, I've been looking into getting ADSL, our time in exile was tough on the old internet usage, having to make do with 33.0 Kbps (that's kilo BITS per second) or lower. Moving into town, I was really looking forward to fast internet again. However, every ISP I called said I couldn't have it due to 'transmission loss' being too high. For the layman, this means that the signal degredation due to distance from our phone exchange would mean that the signal wouldn't be good enough at the house to carry ADSL. This was extremel frustrating because some of the houses in the street can have ADSL but not ours. Apparently it's a hit and miss situation where some houses are connected to the Bathurst exchange (like me) and some houses are connected to the (much closer) Eglinton exchange and in no apparent order.

Telstra also told me that ADSL2 has a shorter range than ADSL1, which I was of the belief that it was the other way around (ADSL1 - 4km, ADSL2 - 3.3km).

I looked into wireless providers, and out of Soul, Optus, Telstra, 3Mobile and Cirrus, only Telstra and Cirrus offer coverage in our area. Telstra is out of the question, as their plans are horribly expensive, so I guess my only possible route is Cirrus, which aren't cheap either, but are much cheaper than Telstra.

We hope to have a chance to relax this weekend, although we need to drive to Canberra to do it. We're going to a friends wedding, so it'll be good to let the hair down for a change after a few weeks of being constantly on the go.

I'm missing out on this months LAN, however, which is a shame. Dell decided to rub it in by sending me my XPS early and it arriving on Monday this week. I had to sit and watch it still in its box for 2 days until I got to unpack it the other night. I ran 3dmark 2006 on it and got a score of 11245 3dmarks. Not too disappointed with that. Apparently Steve's XPS got a lower score, not by much though. However, the funny thing is that he has a 'better' computer than me. The specs are very similar so not sure why his is lower....

Anyways, better run. TTFN
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