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And then there were 2...

I forgot to mention yesterday that we ended our Indoor Cricket season on Monday night. We were in the preliminary final, which is the last chance to get into the grand final, with the loser finishing 3rd for the season. We finished 3rd for the season. :( After finishing the first part of the season as minor premiers (on top of the ladder), it was a minor disappointment to be defeated so close to the grand final, but on the other hand, we had gone from 2nd last to 3rd in 2 seasons, so I saw it as a huge improvement and was pretty proud of my team.

Sally and I are starting to finish off working on our house. We have a bit of a working bee this weekend, where the family will come over and help us get as much done as possible. Many hands make light works as the proverb goes, our main aim for this weekend is to get the paving under our pergola finished. I'll try and get some photos, to show all you people out there what we have to do! :) We also might start on the driveway project, but that will take a while to do, so we might not get any done it for a few weeks yet. Especially when we are restricted to weekends at the moment.

The weather is getting a lot warmer these days, today being a superb day, and one that I wish I wasn't couped up in an office all day long. I am going to have to look into getting some sort of summer wardrobe for work sometime so I might be a tad more comfortable working than having to sit through 30 degree heat in the middle of summer with trousers and long-sleeve shirts.

Anyway, my blinking web cam spammed me again last night. It's the last time I ever do that. Grrrr... /me goes to empty 10,000 emails from his account.

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