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Not exactly Ronaldo
Well, Sunday's soccer game was a lot of fun. I actually got to play this week, albeit as an outfielder and not a keeper due to the contacts issue. I played about 15 minutes of the first half on the right wing which wasn't too bad. I got a bit of the ball, with a few good passes through to the forwards. Although at one point, I had some open space with the ball, running down the wing. I was just about to cross it into the centre when I tripped up, letting the ball back to the defender. 'Twas a bit embarressing...

I must have done ok, overall, as the captain said as we came off at the end of the game "Top debut there, expecting big things from you!". He was most probably joking. It now turns out we have 5 keepers for the 2 teams, so I might actually look at staying as an outfielder - I'd get more game time there.

Indoor soccer starts up again this week after a couple of weeks off (due to school holidays). The guys I see regularly (James, Sam, DJ) are pretty keen to get back into it.

We finally heard back from Elders Real Estate this morning, after I chased them up yesterday. The carpet layers started today putting new carpet in, and will be done on Thursday. However, they said that they got some painters in to repaint the two living areas and a handyman to do some maintenance around the house which they noticed needed doing during the final inspection from the last tennants. The extra rent doesn't seem so bad now with all these updates. We will be able to sign the lease and get the keys on Friday morning now.
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