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Voice... less?

Well, I'm still not quite over being sick yet. Last night I could well have coughed up a vital organ once or twice, at least it felt like it. As a result, at which fate is laughing hysterically at me about, I've lost my voice from the amount of coughing I've been doing. I'm still at work, partially because I have a stupid sense of dedication to my work - my 79 available sick days can attest to that - and partially because if I took the day off sick, Sally would put me to work at home.

I went to soccer training last night and apprised the guys of my situation. I'm not able to get an optometrists appointment for contacts until 6 May, which means that there will be two games I can't play keeper for. They didn't seem to mind about that, they will just probably run me in the outfield for those two games. James told me that the coaches gave me a good rap after the shooting session too. I knew I made a few good saves, but didn't think I was that impressive, I still need to work on my confidence with getting down to wide angle shots, diving and the like.

Not sure if I'll go to Thursday's training, I need to shake this cold/flu and it's getting quite cold at night.

The move is starting to gear up, Sal started this morning going around the house cleaning. No word yet on a final move in date, so we're still keen to find out.
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