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All for nothing
I was excited and nervous before my first game of soccer in 3 years on the weekend. I arrived down at Proctor Park ready to go, and we organised that I would play keeper in the second half. At half time, I strapped on the gloves and was asked to check with the referee about my glasses, which he promptly said no, I couldn't play in them. Seems the rules had changed in the last couple of years. So, I had to hand the gloves back to our other goalkeeper and sit off for the rest of the game.

You see, I'm short sighted. Horribly so. I wouldn't do so badly playing in the outfield without them, but as a goal keeper, I've got no chance seeing the ball well enough to be effective. So, I'll have to look into some contacts, but first I probably need to decide if I'm serious enough about being a goalkeeper.

The soccer wasn't the only excitement to be had yesterday. I was on my way to my parents house last night, turning into the street past the Basketball stadium to see a car on fire. Someone had left a car in the carpark of the stadium and torched it. There were no emergency crews there yet, so I pulled over and dialled 000 - they let me know that it had already been called in however. Still, was a bit eerie to actually watch a car burn. The scary thing was, that there were pinetrees all along the car park and the 2 closest to the car had actually caught on fire too.

The funny thing is, that the Fire Station was just 200m up the street from the Basketball stadium. After calling 000 and then driving off to my parents house, I passed by the Fire Station to see the firemen only just arriving to the station (it's not a full time station in Bathurst).

On a final, side note, I've decided to remove the friends-only restriction on my LJ. Keeping 2 journals up to date sucked.

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What's wrong with glasses that isn't with contacts? Do you need prescription goggles? :)

And is your prescription stabilising enough for LASIK yet? Mine is still changing :(

The problem was that my frames are metal and my lenses are glass. I'm guessing they wouldn't have a problem with plastic ones... Contacts might be a cheaper option however.

Not sure... If I get checked out for contacts, they'll tell me if it's changed. It hasn't changed in the last 2 sets of glasses I've gone through however.

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