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Got Antivirus?

Well, I finally succumbed to the virus that Caitlin, then Sally, suffered in the last few weeks, on Thursday night.  I spent Friday with a sore throat in the morning, then developing into dizzyness, nautia and the standard flu symptoms.  It wasn't made easier by the fact I had a bad crick in my neck from probably sleeping on it funny on Thursday night, combined with muscle soreness from Thursday nights' soccer training.

Soccer training was fun.  jbekkema probably didn't think it was fun, but I was training with the goal keepers and it wasn't as much hard work as the rest of the team.  I didn't do too badly in goal during the training drills - I did pull off one good save though - I still have a bit to learn.  After the drills, they organised a half-field game, 1sts vs 3rds.  I couldn't keep very well there, as it was under lights, but half-field meant I was looking right into a flood light and I couldn't see the dark coloured ball they chose to use.

Our first game is tomorrow, not sure if I'll get to play or not, we'll have to wait and see.

Tags: sick, soccer, sport

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