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Feeling a little deflated...
Oh Noes!
It's been an... interesting morining. As we left home this morning, the car didn't feel right. I stopped just outside the gate and got out to have a look around the car. I discovered the front left tyre was completely flat. Emergency plan Alpha One was put into action (:P) and almost instantly Sally's parents had arrived to help take Sal to work and pick up Caitlin. I changed the tyre (which was a first for me) with the spare and headed into Beaurepairs to have it fixed.

It seems that a previous patch job was dodgy and came away over night, letting the air escape rapidly, which explains why it was ok when we got home yesterday afternoon and it was flat this morning. I'm also glad it wasn't expensive to fix.

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"Feeling a little deflated..."

Oh god... the pun... it burns!

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