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To loan or to save?
Computer Addict
My brother has recently got a new Dell computer on their loan system. In doing so, it's piqued my interest in a similar approach. I posted previously about saving up for some new items, one of which is a new computer. One option is to do the same thing that Steve did and looking to getting a new PC through Dell on their lease system, where as I would own it at the conclusion of the lease.

The current deals range between $18 and $30 per week, which is affordable, and means I can have a new PC now rather than wait 12 months before I have enough money to build my own.

While saving the money would mean I would have a more up to date PC, the Dell PC would mean I have the new PC now and can be done worrying about it.

My only concern is that their website doesn't allow the removal of certain items in the package like monitors or speakers, of which I have perfectly good ones myself. Additionally, will the fact that I can't modify the PC in anyway during the lease (add a HDD here or there etc) drive me nuts?

Question for Thorn; We've taken some video footage from The LAN on the weekend during our Starcraft Tournament. I have iMovie on my Mac and Adobe Premiere for PC. Which do you think would be the best program to put the bastard together?

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"best" or "easiest"?

Best: Premiere. Easiest: iMovie.

For you, I'd go with iMovie. I've never used it, I've never even loaded it up before, but I can tell you it was designed for uncomplicated editing and the average consumer in mind. Premiere is more for professional-level editing. If you're just looking for something that's quick, easy, and looks good, iMovie.

You can modify the computer as much as you want (with non dell parts) just be aware that if you default on the loan or what have you, you will need to provide the machine back to them - as is. Dell's XPS line actually comes with a book telling you HOW to replace components - Dell is very different to what they were 6-7 years ago. No more proprietry connectors and they understand that they gouge people on spare parts prices.

Dell's XPS kit is solid - Luke bought a 730 with an 8800 ultra/quad core. Its fast, its quiet but it weighs a ton.

_I_ can get them without monitors etc, however the monitor is quite literally thrown in and doesn't effect the price much at all.

Whatever you do - get Dell Warranty to service at least the term of the loan/lease, preferably 3 years however. Dell support is great in Melbourne, you ring up and someone will replace components the next day. No mailing it away or any of that bullshit.

Well I am very anti-debt (with the exception of home loans). If getting a new PC puts you into more debt, I'd probably try and avoid it - or spend a couple of hundred bucks next fair and upgrade your MB, processor, and RAM...

If you can think of some software development you want to do (maybe a cool project for the lan or Sakai related or something), you might be able to score a free one from Apple (I got the 8-core Mac Pro from a similar grant): http://www.auc.edu.au/Innovation+Grants

I'm anti debt too, but even saving up a couple of hundred dollars is a tough ask for us atm.

The other problem is, as you know well from last weekend, that the case is dodgy, so that's another item to get...

The grant would be a great thing to have, but I barely had the time to do the indoor soccer website, so I don't think it'd be a good idea.

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