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A whirlwind weekend... and back again...

'Twas a stormy night on the tiny island of Grimplesnifflespaz, the old inkeeper was having trouble sleeping. He had been drinking that night and...

I was never a really good story writer, I don't know why I should try. Oh well.

Anyways, the week that just passed was race week here in Bathurst town. With Yobbos, rev heads, speed freaks and drunks flocking to our fair city from the country over. Whilst I enjoy the thrill of fast cars, especially V8 Holden Commodores, I don't appreciate the low-life scum that comes with the now-traditional event that takes place here in Bathurst once a year. I shall explain my feelings later.

I helped out the local Lions club this year with the parking situation up at "The Mountain". Every year the Lions Club provide x number of volunteers to help out the event and in turn they get a large donation to the club. Helping out with the parking wasn't too bad, it was a 6am till 12 noon shift on the Saturday, which is the day of final qualifying for the race the next day. So, naturally it features the biggest crowd of the week, only to be surpassed by the attendance to the actual race. Despite the number of people, most of the "bad eggs" are already up on top of the mountain, as that is where they usually dwell during the races.
Telling people where to park wasn't necessarily hard, all you did was make sure they parked in a nice neat line and told everyone where to go you were fine. It did however give you a very sore arm, and standing up for 6 hours straight is rather hellish on one's knees. To actually sit down felt strange, as though my knees were never accustomed to bending in the first place.

With the parking shift out of the way, I was free to do whatever I wished, as I had a ticket to the races for my 6 hours of waving and standing. However, the major attraction of the day was completed by 11.30, so I had missed it and was in no real mood to hang around up the mount for nothing. So I went home. I was buggered anyway. 6am was too early to be getting up :(

Sunday was big race day. Scoie and I headed up at 8am, to find a good spot, only to find that 30,000 other people had turned up at 5 to 6am for the best spots. We met up with Geoff and his girlfriend and after an hour and a half of looking for a spot, we met up with Goeff's uncle who had apparently scored a good spot, but had to be there at 3am to get it! :/ You won't catch me doing that.

The race was great to watch, I hadn't been to the races for 3 or so years, so it was good to be back on the mountain watching them go round and round and round and round and round and rou... well you get the picture. :P

I got to work this morning to find 30,800 emails in my inbox!!! My webcam malfunctioned and decided to send me an email for every second of every minute since 5pm yesterday. :( So now I am trying to clear it all out, as it is all on an exchange server and people can't send me emails as my quota is full of spam!

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