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Here we go again...

We have a house visit today at 4pm at a place that Sal found on the internet that might be good for renting.

It becomes available at the end of April, meaning that a) if we want it and b) we are successful becoming the tennants, we'll have to probably pay 2 sets of rent for 3 weeks. Sal's being offered 3 days a week of casual work at ABC Kelso, which she's happy to do for a short period of time. However, I'm worried about the stress it puts on her with looking after Caitlin as well. She's told me before that 3 days is too much, but she's adamant that she can handle it for a short period of time for a particular goal - like paying 2 sets of rent.

The photos of it look ok, it's not the newest of houses, maybe late 70's, early 80's judging by the kitchen (always a good yardstick). It's in West Bathurst, close to Suttor St and West Point Shopping Centre. Should be interesting.

Edit: visit has been changed to tomorrow.
Tags: moving, renting

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