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Money is the root of all... dilemmas?
Bok choy
Post number four! :P

I have a dilemma... I'm saving up some money at the moment. Originally it was to go toward a new computer, but this dilemma is making me think otherwise. There are a few things I want, but the rate at which I'm saving means I'll only ever be able to do one of the options in the near future.

The things I want are:

a) New computer - totally new computer, I'm currently using parts that were loaned to me by friends.
b) iPhone when they come out (rumoured to be July)
c) Start collecting the Star Trek television series' (all of them).

Obviously if I start collecting the Star trek series' I won't have the money to put towards either the new computer, which I do eventually need or the iPhone. If I chose the iPhone, then I'd have enough by the time it was released in Australia with 3G. Having enough for the computer will probably take till the end of the year, where as the Star Trek series' will be a progressive collection, meaning there would be no real savings at all.

I hate money :/
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You probably can't afford to run an iPhone.

Data rates for mobiles are hideously expensive (think $40 for 200mb).

At the end of the day, if you are forever forgetting your phone - why bother spending a huge chunk of cash on a new one that you forget to use anyway :)

I have a phone thats "capable" of browsing the web, and I've tried to use it a few times now - seriously, its overrated. Sure I can see that a touchscreen keyboard would be better in terms of typing - which would take some of the pain out of it - however when its fairly average speeds on 3g (loading a recipe page on 3g took 90 seconds, only to crash because the "page was too big"), there are alot of other problems with phones other than the input interface.

Computer? Well - i spose it might be different for you, but if you have something that will play TF2 smoothly - there isn't much on the horizon thats more demanding and going to be popular multiplayer. Seriously, Crysis suffers the same problems as Farcry.

If was going to do one of the 3, I'd do the computer - Star Trek is a bottomless hole (actually i think they've stopped making them, maybe not bottomless...) and you can get them via other means, in just as good quality.

I concur with the above in regards to the iPhone and the Star Trek. You can always download Star Trek (and probably should, if you value your money). The iPhone... isn't that great in my opinion, for a variety of reasons, but I can understand why you'd want one.

Having just bought a new PC, I can see the value in that over all else. You don't need to spend a silly amount of money, I wouldn't go anything over $3.5k, $4k tops. That should last you quite a while.

Good luck working things out. :)

The reason I'd like an iPhone is mainly to replace my current iPod and have a decent phone along with it. But from what you and Luke have mentioned, it's helped me decide to put it off for a bit, and maybe get a new ipod further down the track instead.

That's a good point about the Star Trek series' and I already have all of Enterprise, but one whole season of it isn't good enough quality to turn into a DVD, plus I feel kinda guilty if I don't eventually own them.

I have a Sony Ericcson w910i phone. Roughly ~700 when I bought it (COUGH when work bought it COUGH), but as its about to be superceded you can probably get a good price on them (or if you buy from ebay).

Its only upto 4gb however (Uses Memory Stick M2), but the Audio quality is great, its 3gb, reasonable camera (no flash) and is nice and quick interface wise.

Very light as well.

That said, the Headphones come out of some dicky little propriety plug (but you can use std 3.5mm headphones with them) - infact everything that isn't Bluetooth uses that dicky plug.

I love the phone, but that's my only complaint. Actually i really love the fact that I only have to charge it once every 3-4 days (and I use it quite a bit each day).

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