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As soon as you relax, they hit you with a trout!

It's taken me a while to get used to living out of town with gates and animals running around and no broadband and such. I used to be quite adamant that as soon as I could I'd start looking to move back into town. Over the last couple of months, I've started to settle down and get used to the idea. Sal and I had agreed to stay where we were for a while as it was nice cheap rent, we could get ahead in some savings and that living back in town wouldn't allow us to save as well (or at all worst case).

So, imagine my frustration and annoyance when Sal calls me today to say that the Real Estate said the owners were thinking about taking the place back after the current lease. You just settle down to a plan and then someone goes and pours milk all over it. This now means we'll have to start looking for another place to live (we have 8 weeks left on our lease, hopefully notice will come with some warning), and it also means our savings plan is out the window because rent in town is horribly high at the moment (with the mortgage rates so high)...

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