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What's so good about your birthday? You're another day older!
cat steals teh internets
So my 29th Birthday is this Saturday. It actually fails to make me excited. Well, that's a lie - we're heading to Sydney for a friends birthday, which is actually 3 days after mine, which IS exciting. Over the last few years, my birthday has just been increasingly 'meh'. I'm not sure why, but I either a) don't realise it's so close, b) don't look forward to it as I used to (well, at least 10 years ago), or c) realise I'm getting old and try and ignore it.

Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of fun on my birthday, Sal usually organises a dinner with family and friends, so the social interaction is fantastic (I'm very much a family person), but to me, birthdays just don't seem to have that same level of excitement and anticipation as it did when I was < 18.

Or am I just a grumpy old fart? :P

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grumpy old fart :P

But I'm in the same boat and I'm even younger than you :P Birthdays are just another day really ... well, the last couple have been

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