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Another trophy added to the wall...

Last night was down right fricking awesome.

We had the finals night in Indoor soccer last night, and it was an absolute blinder for our team.

Lysdexic Untied placed fourth after the regular season, meaning we had to play 2nd in the first semi final. We were hoping for a third placing so that we could have an easier route to the following week but it wasn't to be. However, it turned out that we came up against the one team we really wanted to play. The last time we played Henry and the Potters we got stung, and stung bad. We were winning before two send offs cost us the game. The send offs were a result of reacting to some pretty bad sportsmanship on their part, only the ref only saw our reaction as we were much bigger *evil grin*.

This time around, we played intelligently, didn't let them antagonise us and we ended up winning 4-2 in a pretty exciting game. This meant we moved to the preliminary final to play the winner of 3rd and 5th the next week.

This game was the first of the night, the winner progressing to the grand final to play the team that finished first after the season. The preliminary final was against DaBoiz, who finished 3rd and it was a tough game. Scott and I ended up keeping half the game each after Scott hurt his hand after a save. We ended up winning 3-1 in a hard fought game. We now had a 15min break till the Grand Final against Scud Mullet.

The last time we played these guys, we won 2-0 in a game that wasn't largely exciting. Despite being the top team in the comp, they didn't attack and were just sitting back waiting for us to come to them. We took the knowledge of being able to beat them into the final and it was effectively the same sort of game. They were a lot more physical in this game, obviously because there was a lot more at stake, but they still sat back and didn't attack. I kept for the whole game and wasn't really tested that much.

It was 0-all at half time and neither team could get the goal they needed. Half way through the 2nd half, we snuck one past their very good keeper, putting us 1-0 up. That's where it stayed for the remainder of the game. They did attack a bit more towards the end but not much.

After the game we all went to HJ's to celebrate. Seriously, that place should sponsor us, we've been there two weeks in a row!

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