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Failure to Remember

I have a short term memory problem. I don't think that it's a problem in that I have a faulty brain section, but more in that I suck at remembering techniques. I have been like this for as long as I can remember (lol!).

The problem is this; if I have to do something during the day, I make a note of it before I get to work. The moment I get to work, I start reading my email and get into what I'm supposed to do that day, I instantly forget what I was supposed to do that day that I reminded myself before work. Even if Sally tells me the moment I leave the car when she drops me off, after starting work I'll forget it. I'll get so engrossed into what I do I forget about everything around me and anything that I might supposed to do.

Suggestions have been made that I keep a diary. I have a diary in my bag, but a) I never remember to write things in it and b) I never remember to read it, most probably because it's hidden in my bag. This is another quirk about myself I've noticed. If I don't see something, I don't remember it's there. Examples being my diary or if I leave my mobile phone on my study desk charging and don't go in there in the morning, I'll forget it.

It's starting to get on Sally's nerves, we had a bit of a tongue lashing at each other this morning about it. Her response to my apology about forgetting was 'Grow up' which I thought was a bit of a low blow. I'm not entirely sure that it's a matter of growing up but more of a learn how to effectively keep track of things. She keeps saying 'use your diary', and I would but I simply don't remember to do so. I don't know what it is, it just doesn't click, which is extremely frustrating because explanation of this to Sally is met with 'Not good enough'.

I'm not sure on where to turn for ideas on how to effectively keep track of things or remembering items. Any suggestions are appreciated, but I guess trying harder to remember to use my diary could help.
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