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Failure to Remember
I have a short term memory problem. I don't think that it's a problem in that I have a faulty brain section, but more in that I suck at remembering techniques. I have been like this for as long as I can remember (lol!).

The problem is this; if I have to do something during the day, I make a note of it before I get to work. The moment I get to work, I start reading my email and get into what I'm supposed to do that day, I instantly forget what I was supposed to do that day that I reminded myself before work. Even if Sally tells me the moment I leave the car when she drops me off, after starting work I'll forget it. I'll get so engrossed into what I do I forget about everything around me and anything that I might supposed to do.

Suggestions have been made that I keep a diary. I have a diary in my bag, but a) I never remember to write things in it and b) I never remember to read it, most probably because it's hidden in my bag. This is another quirk about myself I've noticed. If I don't see something, I don't remember it's there. Examples being my diary or if I leave my mobile phone on my study desk charging and don't go in there in the morning, I'll forget it.

It's starting to get on Sally's nerves, we had a bit of a tongue lashing at each other this morning about it. Her response to my apology about forgetting was 'Grow up' which I thought was a bit of a low blow. I'm not entirely sure that it's a matter of growing up but more of a learn how to effectively keep track of things. She keeps saying 'use your diary', and I would but I simply don't remember to do so. I don't know what it is, it just doesn't click, which is extremely frustrating because explanation of this to Sally is met with 'Not good enough'.

I'm not sure on where to turn for ideas on how to effectively keep track of things or remembering items. Any suggestions are appreciated, but I guess trying harder to remember to use my diary could help.

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Get a Blackberry.

Sync it at home and at work. It's your phone as well, but with email you can organise appointments etc.

I'd suggest a N95 or something similar but they are more a phone than a PDA.

Alternatively you could get an Ipaq or something but because its not your phone you'll be prone to forget it more often.

Alternatively you could get an Ipaq or something but because its not your phone you'll be prone to forget it more often.

Or leave it in my bag like my diary.

I had thought of the Phone/PDA option, but I just got a new phone 4 months ago on a new contract so I would have to buy it outright. I might have a look on Ebay for some prices.

It is probable iSync on your Mac already supports your phone - matter of fact I don't know of any phone that isn't supported (either built in, or via a plugin download).

That way you can use iCal (or even Entourage *shudder*) to create events (e.g. Pick up milk). Every option has an option to set an alarm for an event (Noise, message, email, etc). If you select noise/message (and you have your phone synced) you will get an alarm on the phone as well, which is very handy.

Works a treat with my Motorola phone.

One possibility is a diary you WANT to use. Not some crappy paper-and-pen one buried in the bottom of a bag. What about a smart-phone or a PDA-like solution, which you could make notes in (and enjoy doing so), then sync to your computer at work and have alerts set up to remind you about stuff?

A cheaper solution would be to change your routine so that instead of settling down to email first thing, the first thing you do is write down / set reminders for things you need to remember for the day. You know that once you start work you're going to forget things - get them out of your head so you can SAFELY forget them BEFORE you start work.

This is partially related, but I wanted to be a bit more healthy and also save money by eating breakfast at home, instead of down the street. I needed to get in to a new routine, but I also needed something that would guarantee I would WANT to wake up early and stick to that routine. A reward, if you will. So my new routine is to watch one good episode of a TV show (currently Entourage) before work whilst I eat breakfast. The reward helps me enjoy the new routine and want to stick to it.

Perhaps you could use some kind of self-reward system to help you stick to a new routine?

Edited at 2008-02-20 12:15 am (UTC)

The Routine idea has been suggested to me before. I need to be more disciplined to actually do it, all a question of will power, which is very possible if I work at it.

It's a good option in the mean time.

One idea, email yourself the important stuff you need to remember so when you get to work, you will read it. (this is assuming you have internets at home)

Get Sally to email you important stuff rather than try and phone you.

I have got in the habit of always putting the car keys in the one spot, so I wont lose them. Maybe you could always go past your study desk as you leave just to remember your phone, (or get a car charger)

If its something you need to do after work, use post it notes in your car, I saw someones car with "app 2:30 friday" stuck on the dash a few months ago.

Wow, these all feel like those help ideas from the little book of calm (Black Books series if you have seen them)! I will stop now

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