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Casualty of Consruction

I've had to relocate myself today due to loud construction work in S1 today. Rawson Construction started demolition of the internal brick work on the top floor today, making way for the new office area for DIT. This meant use of sledge hammers and it was right above my office. I knew about the work starting, having been informed of it last week, but I thought I could deal with it, as the banging previously wasn't terribly loud. However, it wasn't directly above me until today.

It hurt. Literally. The thud from the hammer hitting the wall sent reverberations down through into my office and it actually hurt in my ears. It probably didn't help that I'm still sore from my wisdom tooth extraction 2 weeks ago. Which is another thing. I don't think this thing has healed properly. The stitches did fall out of my jaw after a couple of days instead of disolving, and looking in the mirror the other night, I could see what I thought was a hole in my gum line where the tooth was located. I will have to call the dentist and ask him if it needs patching up again - a prospect I'm none too delighted about because he's going to try and convince me to have something else done as well and I haven't been able to muster up the $500 for the wisdom tooth yet. Fuck I hate dentists.

Back into Indoor soccer again for 2008 and I'm refereeing now too. It's a lot of fun reffing the little kids, which I do more often to start with. I should be back onto refereeing adults in a few weeks I think. I've been working on a new website for them too, as their current website was a home job done by the previous owner of the buisiness and let's just say he's not good at HTML design. It was a MS word job and it's pretty horrible. This new one, however, is a lot nicer, and will have automated areas for them to enter news, draws etc as they're not huge computer savvy people either.

Time for a cuppa. Dig the new Icon. Peace!
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