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No News Is Good News?
It's been, yet again, a long time in between updates. There's no great reason why, mainly due to being so busy at work and shitty internet connection at home where I couldn't be bothered spending the 2 hours to load up a LiveJournal editor (may be a slight over-exaggeration).

Caitlin is growing fast and now smiles a lot. She's starting to be a lot more vocal, other than just the 'Eh' sound and plain crying, we've worked out that a 'Laaa' cry means she's hungry and a 'Maaa' (or it could be a muffled 'Naaa') means either she's cold or dirty nappy. She also squeals and talks to herself and Sally and I. Caitlin and I have a little game that only works with me, where I gently brush her face with my index finger, down from her forehead, over her nose and her bottom lip. She seems to enjoy this as when I do it, she makes an enormous grin. Caitlin also can't help but grin uncontrollably when her Grandma (Sal's mum) holds her.