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Slap Corey
captn obvious
If you'd been following the news lately about Corey Delaney (I think that's his last name), a friend linked me this today: http://www.slapcorey.com/.


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Honestly, this is pretty awesome.

You have to dig around as they are pretty small news snippets but little known facts that have come about are.

- He was supposed to be staying with friends (as he had to work).

- He has organised a party with his myspace network. There was no "invite the internet" button, nor was it pressed.

- His party had roughly 100 people at it

- There was another, larger party 2 streets across. This ended and they descended onto Corey's house.

- On the night, the police showed up. Asked that Corey and his gathering stayed inside. He complied and the party of 100 was actually locked in the house whilst the police "failed" at dealing with what was going on outside.

- The police chief down here was clutching at straws to find someone to hang out to dry after the media publicised absolutely everything about this. Attempted to threaten passing on a $20,000 charge. $20,000 for that Police car windscreen that no proof of him or his party was responsible for breaking. I'm sick of seeing that windscreen btw. You can't charge people for police officers doing their job, whats next having to swipe your Visa when a cop does you for speeding to pay for his fuel?

- He's now been arrested for "making child porn" and being a public nuisance. Oh and apparently we can't name him now.

"It is understood the charges relates to images of semi-naked girls captured on the teenagers mobile phone during the party. The photos were allegedly taken during a game of Twister."

Ok the kid is a bit disrespectful to his (step-father remember) parents by throwing a party and ignoring them in public. But he certainly really hasn't gone over the line or out of control. He had a party gatecrashed and the police on the scene didn't really do a great job of defusing it before the media got involved.

The Media hyped the crap out of this because of the word "myspace" and as a result the kid played it.

Honestly what are you going to do? That kid is the most popular kid in school - and quite possibly ever among 13-18 year olds. Until everyone shuts up about him, he will stay that way.

There is no such thing as bad publicity.

You're right in everything you posted.

I couldn't care really about the police or what happened, the fact that he threw the party without his parents permission and was disrespectful back to them and is being a tool in the public eye makes me think he's a complete twat that the media should just forget about and leave him to his misery.

"The Media hyped the crap out of this"

Agreed. 3 words: A Current Affair

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