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Real Estate Stuff Up

I'm pretty furious at the moment. Why? I'm furious at a local Real Estate office here in Bathurst.

Sally and I had an agreement with Sally's parents that we would move into their rental property in town at the conclusion of our lease here in Evans Plains. The current tennants at the rental are waiting for a house to be built so we expected them to extend the lease by either a month to month basis or 6 months, meaning our lease would finish the same time as them.

The real estate asked Sal's parents if a 6 month lease was ok, and was approved, fitting into our plans.

However, we've discovered this morning that the real estate gave them a 12 month lease. Ruth's furious for such a stuff up, and I'm livid that our plans of moving into town are down the drain.

Yeah sure, we can find a different place, but I will always choose a family rental over a RE one - the peace of mind is just so much better.
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