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I have a new work computer...
Computer Addict


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Ooh, shiny! Specs? Is it running Leopard?

Just trying to remember them specifically...

2.6GHz Core2 Duo CPU
15" screen

Yep, running leopard, will put windows on it for our Service Desk software in the next few days.

You'll have to see if Touchpaper works with Crossover - it would be cool if you could run it without having to use Boot Camp/VMWare Fusion/Parallels Desktop

As soon as I get my hands on a sp2 winxp disc! :)

Well the beauty of Crossover is you don't need a WinXP disk! It uses some hacked up version of WINE. But to be honest I doubt it would work (due to Touchpaper's crappy domain requirements).

I'll bring in my ISO of SP2 tomorrow incase you need it - as well as some other goodies :)

I made one last one with that nlite program you told me about.

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