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Caitlin's first nights at home.

Caitlin and Sal came home from hospital on Tuesday.  In the end, both Mum and Caitlin were not able to settle properly with all the happenings in the Maternity ward.  The Doctor gave Sal permission to bring Caitlin home.  However, Caitlin had lost around about 0.5kgs since birth, which is over the 10% they expect babies to lose, so we have to take her back to the hospital on Friday morning for a weigh-in to make sure she's putting on weight.

Because of the looming production release of OLE here at CSU, I'm working out the remainder of this week before taking 4 weeks of leave starting on Monday.  So, Caitlin and Sal stayed out at Sal's parents place so that someone is there to help.  The quieter surroundings were an instant success I believe, Caitlin slept for a long time on Tuesday and again on Wednesday. 

Tuesday night, after coming home from Grandma and Grandpa's house, Sal gave Caitlin a feed at midnight then put her to bed.  Caitlin then slept from about 1am through to 7.30am which was fantastic.  We were afraid we'd be up every hour seeing to her.  That still could be the case in the future, but we're glad it isn't right at the moment.

Last night, Caitlin was a bit more restless, waking up every 2 hours or so and having a few feeds throughout the night.  Grandma is visiting Sal and Caitlin at home today and then tomorrow we're off to the hospital.  Her feeding is getting better, which is great to see.
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