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41 weeks and counting...

A Complaint to the Stork Delivery Service...

So, after 40 weeks of waiting, we're waiting for the inevitable birth of our first child.  But does it arrive? Shit no!  In true Dunstall spirit, it's making us wait.  If you were confused about the whole due date thing I've been posting about recently, then this is the low down.

We had 3 ultrasounds taken early in the pregnancy; one at 7 weeks - after our first pregnancy failure, we made sure everything was ok at an early stage - one at 13 weeks and the third at 19 weeks.  The estimated due date after the first ultrasound was  the 18th November.  The ultrasounds at 13 and 19 weeks estimated the due date to be the 13th November. Yes, there's only a difference of 5 days, but it makes all the difference when you're trying to plan shit around the time of the birth.

Anyway, both dates have come and gone, so we're definitely into a 'Well done' phase here and that Sal is trying to think of ways to brainwash her body into thinking that it's time to evict her current 'roommate' shall we say.  Sal was a bit down on Sunday night that nothing had happened yet because she had a job interview this week and it could play havoc with being able to go to it.  However, because the baby hadn't arrived yet, it was better to organise things sooner rather than later, so she managed to get her interview in yesterday.  Since completing the interview, Sal felt a lot better and that only one thing was left to do and that it wasn't playing along.

Everything is in preparation, Sally's hospital bag (or bags I should say) are packed, spare batteries for digital camera (let it be said no action shots will be taken period!) purchased, baby's room ready, even window socks on the rear passenger car doors.  Something's missing...  That's it! No baby! Can you tell we're first time parents?

I'm still unsure of how I'll react to having a son/daughter.  Everyone delights in telling me that my world will turn upside down.  At this point in time, I fail to see how it could.  Of course, I'm not going to be able to live my life like nothing's happened, but I doubt very much that my life will be so radically changed as that it will 'turn it upside down' per se.  Well, the next few weeks could very well show me proverbial door on that one, so we'll have to wait and see.

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