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How to give Chris a Heart Attack
A surefire way to give me a heart attack, after recent events, is to call me up and say there's a snake in the house.

Sal called me just before lunch today saying there was a snake in the house.  I was on my way to get Dad when she called back saying she'd called her Dad who was closer. 

Damn, that got me going. :(

15 days to go (to the E.D.D.)...  Getting close now, the Doctor saying last week that it could come any day now.  I'm not sure how I feel at the moment.  A tiny bit nervous, a tiny bit scared, there's some excitement in there, but mostly the feeling of 'let's get it out already'. :P

I've organised 2 sweeps, one at work and one for The LAN.  Should be fun to see who wins the 'pot' at the work one - it was $5 buy in, half goes to winner, half goes to a pressie for Sal.

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I keep telling you that you should get out of the sticks...

I can't afford anywhere else atm. :(

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