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I'm over living out of town...

I was never really crash hot on living out of town.  While the cheaper rent is great and the house is pretty good, the whole living out of town is just... bleh, I'm over it.  Our current financial situation means that we need to stay here at least for another 6-12 months and I can make do with it, however, something has made me even more uneasy recently.


I don't have a phobia of them, I don't freak out or pass out or whatever, but I do not like them.  I was opening the gate on my way to work yesterday morning and found one sitting next to the letterbox at the gate.  It reared up at me and it was obvious it didn't like me being there.  The problem is that I wouldn't have seen it had it not moved and could have quite easily bitten me, which is what freaks me out.

It also means I need to put extra effort in keeping long grass short and any possible sun baking places for snakes as clear and mess free as possible to reduce their ability to stay hidden.

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