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Struggling for air

My current work situation is an interesting one.  I'm currently on a project that is implementing a web application called Sakai to be used at CSU as it's Online Learning Environment (OLE).  The project started back in January or there abouts and we were given a deadline of 10 December to go live in January.

One problem we had right off the bat was that we were not given any functional requirements for the implementation until July and as late as October in some aspects (there are many different projects making up the whole application).

As a result, the pressure is really on us to get this thing customised and working in CSU's own system (user authentication and student/subject data etc).

One task I was given to do was to write a tool for Sakai (Sakai is really a web application that has a collection of tools to facilitate learning and teaching online) that created a link to one of 5 of CSU's existing web applications if the student had access to that application.  The latter part of that isn't hard, we have a webservice that we can talk to.  The hard part is writing the tool.  While I know java, the Sakai framework is rather complex and is massive.  It's taking me ages to get to grips with the functinality of it all and how it all fits together.

Originally I was given 2 weeks to write this tool but this has blown out to almost 4 and I'm getting pressured for a completion date.  I've managed to get a tool working, albeit a very simple one, that says 'Hello World'.  But to talk to our web service I need the users login ID which is a bit harder to get.  I'm having problems doing this correctly and all the support is in the US, so I have to wait 24 hours after asking for help before getting any.

I have had some great sessions talking with some of the 'gurus' in the evenings while I've been doing some overtime at work, but this has only been as of late.

Needless to say I feel slightly* stressed.

*May be an understatement.
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