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The highs and lows of love
Bok choy
Just a quick update before I leave for Albury...

We're at 31 weeks now and the number of days is getting scarily low, down to 64 now.  The culmination of 5 years of trying to start a family is just around the corner.  It's getting a little more exciting, although every wince of pain or short breath from Sally I instantly get worried.  Once we get to 34 weeks, though, I won't be so worried as that is the point of age that differentiates between being sent to Sydney or not.

One of my best mates, casseross (DJ) isn't too happy atm, his girlfriend and he have hit a rough patch.  It's not for me to go into details, but he's pretty down about it and it's a shitty feeling.  I'm there, buddy (if you read this), if you need someone to talk to.
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