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An interesting 36 hours.

The last 36 hours have been rather interesting, as per the subject title.  At lunch time today, I got back to work from seeing Sal in the Hospital, where she has been for 24 hours after having some contractions on Sunday night.

Around 1am Monday morning, Sal said she started getting contractions, which she thought to be Braxton Hicks. She decided to try and wait them out (silly thing! :P) and told me in the morning, when I got up for work, that she had been awake half the night with contractions.  Apparently these contractions had caused Sal quite a bit of pain, which Braxton Hicks shouldn't cause.  I made sure Sal was ok before leaving for work, she assured me they'd stopped or lessened to a great degree.

When I came home for lunch, Sal told me that she'd still been getting them on and off, but weren't nearly as painful.  Sal was intending on heading to Orange to return some clothes she'd bought but before she dropped me off, she was starting to get a pain again and a tightening of her muscles.  We decided there, that we needed to go to the Hospital and get it checked out.

After arriving, Sal was put on a CTG machine (which measures Uterine muscle movement and the baby's heartbeat) and monitored for an hour.  The doctor reviewed the recordings and decided to treat it as premature labor.  Sal was given some medication to stop the contractions as well as some steroids to speed up the maturation of the baby's lungs in the off chance the labor couldn't be stopped.  Bathurst Base has a policy of flying people who are less than 34 weeks pregnant to Sydney if they can't stop the labor, so that was something we weren't looking forward to.

Luckily, however, the contractions stopped, but with Sal being kept in overnight for observation.  The CTG measurements taken at 6am this morning showed no signs of contractions and a very healthy baby (heartbeat wise).

This 'episode' is actually the 2nd time such a thing has happened, the first being two and a bit weeks ago.  Sal decided to palm this one off to Braxton Hicks but that Sal was more unfortunate to suffer them more painfully.  This latest occasion has tought us otherwise.  Next time, we'll be going straight into hospital.  Now that we're under 70 days to go (30 weeks gone), I dread anything going wrong after the trouble we've gone through to get pregnant in the first place.

Sal is well, currently still in hospital until 3.30 this afternoon when she gets her 2nd steroids injection.

A side note is that this all occurred while the staff at the Maternity ward were churning out 5 babies in the first 24 hours Sal was there, which is a high number going by averages apparently.  Needless to say it was extremely busy there yesterday (and today).
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