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Gladiator is a damned good movie
cat steals teh internets
casseross mentioned to me tonight that he was watching Gladiator for the first time from start to finish.  I realised that it had been some time since I had watched it in full length so this prompted me to get out my DVD of it and watch it also. 

Now, I don't know what you might think of Russell Crowe, but this movie is a damned good one.  I love the sound track to it also.

I finally got off my butt tonight and installed a PCI modem into my file/web server - not Defiant, a different machine - tonight.  I've also shared the connection meaning my main PC can access the internet now, which is where I'm writing this post from.  I just need to remember to turn ICS off when I take my server to The LAN. ;P

I need to get some work done on that Indoor Soccer website some time tomorrow.  Along with the gazillion other things Sal wants me to do...