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I had a refreshing weekend last weekend, doing some things I rarely enjoy - I rarely get to do them.  On Saturday morning, Sal and I drove groovemerchant home to the mountains, before driving Sal to her friend Michelle's house in Mount Annan.  Michelle is getting married in a few weeks and she was hosting her kitchen tea and hens night there.  Upon returning to groovemerchant's house, we got stuck into many games of DotA.

Sunday, skrop came around and more DotA was to be played until I had to pick Sal up again from Mt Annan.  I don't get to go Sydney (or the Mountains) very often, and in spring it's a great time to drive through the mountains, I find.  With the window open and the warm breeze blowing through.

I have a chopping block now too, thanks to Dad.  It was getting interesting not using a chopping block, it's not good for the splitter either.

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