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Aint The Internet Grand?
Don't you love it when your girlfriend is a journalist?  Your picture ends up on the front page of a national newspaper website.


Update, 2:45pm: It's been bumped to the top of the site:

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DJ! Now with improved cleavage thanks to the wonders of airbrushing!

Oh how I laughed... I laughed so hard...

In all seriousness though, Asher seems to rehash articles. At least he's one of the better pro-gaming journos in Aus.

I hope you mean pro-gaming journo as in "I don't want to burn video games at the stake like a certain Jack Thompson" not as in a writer with any amount of skill.

Various' people's livejournals have better writing styles in them.

Pro as in not anti, yes.

This LJ post is about ME people ... remember that

/graceful exit

Don't let it go to your head, will you? :P

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